Boy Who Has Lived In A Black And White World Sees Color For The First Time Thanks To Special Glasses

Boy Who Has Lived In A Black And White World Sees Color For The First Time Thanks To Special Glasses

It amazes me how most of us take things for granted.  It’s not until we see the reactions of people who are experiencing things we see every day for the first time that we are reminded how amazing this world is.  Videos of people hearing for the first time, or wearing glasses for the first time makes me cry.  Here is a video of a boy who was born with Achromatopsia which is also known as “day blindness.”  As a result he was completely color blind, had extreme sensitivity to light, and his vision was 20/200 (meaning he would have to be 20 feet away to see something as clearly as someone standing 200 feet away).

Last month Jack received a pair of Enchroma Glasses which allowed him to see color for the very first time. Prior to this moment it was as though the world around him was a black and white film. He could see that things were lighter or darker, but he wouldn’t be able to tell you if something was blue, red, or green. They were all just different shades of black, white, and gray.  Seeing Jack wear these amazing glasses that allowed him to see colors for the first time brought a tear to my eyes. I loved his reaction! I loved how he was nervous to put them on and how he stared at the world around him in disbelief.  I can’t imagine what it was like for his parents to give their son the gift of color. It must have been a truly magical experience for all involved!

This video makes me so incredibly happy for Jack! It makes me realize that the world around us is so special, and that we need to stop taking the so-called little things for granted, because some people would love to be able to see the world the way we see it.  Enchroma glasses are a wonderful invention. I wish everyone with color blindness could get a pair! They can be pricey, ranging from $350 to $700, but what they do would be priceless. I can’t imagine living life without being able to see color. Even if I was living without being able to see partial colors, it would make me want a pair.

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