Steve Harvey Mistakenly Crowns The Wrong Miss Universe

Steve Harvey Mistakenly Crowns The Wrong Miss Universe

We’ve all seen awkward moments during live TV before. There have been plenty of them. From Janet Jackson’s unfortunate wardrobe malfunction, to weird acceptance speeches at award shows. This one though may just take the cake. It involves Steve Harvey, one of the original Kings of Comedy,  host of Family Feud and his own talk show. Everyone loves the guy. He’s genuinely funny and seemingly a really good and honest person. What he did on Sunday on live television however has EVERYONE on the internet talking and laughing. Harvey was chosen as the host for the Miss Universe 2015, and he was doing a great job….up until Sunday night. While he was announcing the winner of the pageant, he made a gaffe that will go down in history as one of the biggest screw ups in TV history. I mean this is really bad.

Check Out Steve Harvey Crowning The Wrong Winner Of Miss Universe 2015:

That was one of the most awkward things I have ever watched in my entire life. At the same time it was probably one of the funniest things as well. It just keeps getting more and more awkward every second the music for Columbia keeps playing. Then they both have to come out on stage again and they actually take the crown off the head of Miss Columbia and put it on Miss Philippines! That must have been absolutely humiliating for Miss Columbia, and seriously awkward for Miss Philippines. I love Steve Harvey, but he definitely had a major screw up on Sunday night. He will definitely be hearing about this one for a long time to come. Columbia will have that memory of being Miss Universe for 5 minutes, then having it taken from her, which may even be more humiliating than what Steve Harvey did.

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