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This Is What $72,000 Worth Of Whale Vomit Looks Like

This Is What $72,000 Worth Of Whale Vomit Looks Like

There are plenty of get rich quick schemes out there. You hear about them all the time on the radio. Or you see those signs stapled to telephone poles stating “Real Estate Agent Seeks Apprentice, 100K Starting Salary!”. If you’re a semi-intelligent person, you realize these are completely bogus and you are more likely to go broke then make any money whatsoever. This man in England however, is about to make a heck of a lot of money for almost no work. Oh, and it’s also for one of the most bizarre and gross reasons I have ever heard of.

How weird is that! I had no idea that whale vomit was used to make anything, let alone perfume that smells good! This is definitely the weirdest thing I’ve ever heard someone getting rich off of. I wouldn’t have had a mind to pick this thing up. It looks like just another rock to me. This guys curiosity literally paid off in this instance.

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