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Enormous Whale Feeding Under The Dock Surprises Everyone

Enormous Whale Feeding Under The Dock Surprises Everyone

Whale watching is an extremely popular past time in many parts of the world. Whales are some of the most majestic creatures on our amazing planet, and spotting them in the wild is an experience most don’t forget to quickly. The sheer size and scale of these creatures is what fascinates many, I believe. So seeing one up close has to be an amazing thing to experience. Sometimes though, things can get a little to close for comfort when trying to observe wildlife in its natural habitat. Well that’s exactly what happened to this fisherman who was fishing off of a dock. He saw something moving under the water. He tracked its movements with his camera until something absolutely amazing, and also utterly terrifying happened!

That was EXTREMELY close! The camera man could have reached out his hand and probably touched this whale. It’s amazing that the water is deep enough in this dock area for something of this size to swim around freely. If this guy wouldn’t have got this on camera, I’m not sure how many people would believe him. It’s almost that crazy of a story. Luckily for him, and for us, he was able to capture it all on video.

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