Transient Orca Punts A Seal 80 Feet Into The Air

Transient Orca Punts A Seal 80 Feet Into The Air

Nature is a very unforgiving place. As humans we sometimes tend to forget that. We like for everyone to get along and believe that no one should perpetuate violence against other (for the most part). Well nature doesn’t work like that. It is a very raw and savage place where it’s kill or be killed. We feel bad when we watch a Shark eat a Dolphin or a Cheetah run down a gazelle and kill it. This is just how nature works though, the food chain has been around much longer than humans and will be around long after we are gone. Well the video below is nature and the food chain at work. I personally have never seen or head of anything like this happening in the animal kingdom. The video is pretty shocking and may make you think twice about entering the ocean the next time you are near it. You seriously don’t want to miss this incredible video.

Check Out The Video As A Whale Punts A Seal. (around the 30 second mark)

This is one of the most incredible things I have ever seen in the animal kingdom. This whale punts a Seal so far in the air I started to wonder if it would ever come down. Dr Chris Parsons, a marine mammal expert, said: “They don’t often eat the seals (after hitting them). But when they hit Dall’s porpoises, they do it to eviscerate them. They hit them so hard that their entrails pop out, which they leave behind after eating the muscle and blubber.” This is fascinating behavior by this whale and apparently fairly rare as well. The power of the Orca’s tail is absolutely astounding. I can’t imagine many things would survive a fully powered blow from this massive animal.

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