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Groomsman Does A Back Flip During A Wedding Dance And Knocks Out The Bride

Groomsman Does A Back Flip During A Wedding Dance And Knocks Out The Bride

Oh weddings. They are meant to be such a beautiful and special time that should be remembered for the rest of your life. It’s just too bad that this couple will remember their special day for all of the wrong reasons. They started out with a pretty cool plan. And at first it seemed like it was going to be awesome. But I guess you could say their timing was off. Maybe they should have had just a few more practices. Or maybe it was a case of the nerves. Whatever it was, it sure looked pretty painful. And very embarrassing. I mean you want your wedding to be talked about, but I don’t think this is why.

Notice that after the groomsman drop kicks her, he tries to pick her up and dance it off like nothing happened? But then she falls over again. I am betting the wedding night isn’t going to be as magical as he hoped. The reception entrance song is supposed to set the mood for the reception. I’m not sure what this is saying. Maybe everyone should run for their lives or start kung foo fighting. Who do you think is at fault here? I bet that neither of them want to take the heat for this one. He is probably saying she was in the wrong place. She is probably saying he was in the wrong place. If the marriage lasts, they can laugh it off and put it behind them. At the very least they have a fun video and story to tell. And hopefully there is no permanent damage to the young bride.

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