Weatherman Calmly Keeps His Cool As Arizona Reaches 2,000 Degrees

How many times have you been watching the news and the newscaster stumbles over their words? We’ve seen some hilarious and touching videos of newscasters. We’ve seen some that have quit in very memorable ways while on the air as well as some that did all they could do to help a foster child find a forever home.

But this weatherman takes it to a whole new level. After his weather equipment malfunctions, it’s amazing that this weatherman keeps his cool.

Usually when temperatures reach upwards of 2,000 degrees, it’s cause for panic. But Fox 10 Phoenix’s weatherman Cory McCloskey kept his composure while half of the Phoenix area burst into flames. It’s so nice that he had a sense of humor, when other newscasters may not have carried on as well. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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