Skier Falls 1,600 Feet Down A Cliff And Miraculously Survives

Skier Falls 1,600 Feet Down A Cliff And Miraculously Survives

Action sports athletes are some of the craziest people on the planet. They are constantly pushing the limits of what the human body is capable. I grew up in the era when the X Games started to gain quite a bit of popularity. I watched skateboarding and snowboarding videos all the time. What these people were doing at the time was absolutely unheard of. They were pulling off tricks and inventing new ones in the middle of competitions. They threw their bodies around with complete abandon, all to be the first one in their sport to land a new trick. That spirit of constantly breaking barriers in the sports is alive and well today. Ian McIntosh is a pro skier with quite a few years of experience under his belt. He was recently in Neacola Range in Alaska filming for the movie Paradise Waits. Ian thought he had researched and planned out his line carefully enough, and set out on his run down a 1,600 foot mountain face. What happens next is one of the scarier things I have ever seen in actions sports.

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A fall like this would kill most people within the first few hundred feet. Ian is a veteran skier however, and is able to position his body in ways that limited his impact through the fall. He also had enough awareness to deploy his airbag, which helps prevent against possible trauma injuries and keeps the wearer above the snow. All of these adrenaline sport athletes know the prices they could pay for what they do. They accept the risks however, because being able to say you were the first one to do something is worth putting their health and even lives on the line. You won’t find many people who are that passionate about what they do. That is what makes these people such special athletes.

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