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Kid Wakes Up From Surgery High As A Kite, Discovers Cast On His Arm, And Is Completely Blown Away

Kid Wakes Up From Surgery High As A Kite, Discovers Cast On His Arm, And Is Completely Blown Away

Some of the most viral videos on the internet are cute little clips that parents take of their kids acting goofy, all doped up after a surgery or a trip to the dentist. I have a feeling that the following ‘Walker Wakes Up’ is a video that is going to offer a similar level of comic relief for their family. This is something that this poor kid is never going to be able to live down, especially since it’s now making him internet famous!

Walker fell off of a rope swing and broke his arm in two places. It was too severe of a break for the doctors to set while he was awake. They gave him a combination of Ketamine and Propofol, which is commonly used for children, to put him under and reset his arm. When Walker wakes up, the video begins recording and hilarity ensues! In this video, Walker wakes up to make an amazing and shocking discovery. This discovery is probably going to be quite embarrassing for the boy for the rest of his life, but for the rest of us, it’s absolutely frickin’ hilarious!

Take A Look At The Moment He Wakes Up And Notices His Cast, It Is Hilarious!

One of the worst fears of a family member going into surgery is what their reaction is going to be when they wake up. It can be frightening, embarrassing, and pathetic to see their reaction to drugs. Fortunately, Walker’s experience is pure hilarity. “Where am I? I have a cast, look at my cast, WHOOOAA. Did you see my cast? My cast is amazing! Did you see it? It’s incredible. Wow! I have a cast! That’s awesome!” Then the dad covers up the cast for a second, to which Walker responds, “Where’d my cast go? Where’s my arm? I can’t find my arm! There’s my cast, there’s my arm, I found it! Why am I in a cast? I have a cast on WHOAA!” OMG I am still laughing. This doped up kid is classically hilarious. If you’re not rolling on the floor and this video didn’t seriously brighten your day, you may want to go check your pulse!

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