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Customer Decides To Grope Waitress, Waitress Takes Down Customer

Customer Decides To Grope Waitress, Waitress Takes Down Customer

Mr. Grabby Hands all over the world take note, women are fed up and not going to take it anymore. A recent incident in a restaurant in Russia caught on video shows that the days of women putting up with being groped may be coming to an end. This waitress could have let the man put the money down her shirt, and fondle her. She could have felt bad about herself afterwards but thought that she was powerless to the situation as many women so often do. But she didn’t. Instead she stood up for herself, and it was AWESOME!

Good for her! I wonder how that all transpired, since it looked like she was just giving him a menu. Even after the initial hit he gets up and comes back for more. What an idiot! It’s funny how shocked his friend seems as he watches things go down. And I think it’s strange how many people come to the man’s aid. It was the woman who was the victim in the situation. Then again it appears she can take care of herself and doesn’t need any help. I wonder if that will make him think twice next time. He definitely got what he deserved.

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