This New Spray Paint Makes Bikes Reflective For Safe Nighttime Rides

This New Spray Paint Makes Bikes Reflective For Safe Nighttime Rides

Every year in the UK, over 19,000 cyclists are involved in accidents. Do you know the amount of people that were killed while biking in America alone last year? 726 people. That isn’t even taking into account all of the injuries. A lot of injuries don’t even get reported. The numbers are staggering. There are so many ways that people have come up with ways to try to get drivers to take notice of cyclist. One of the latest and greatest is Volvo LifePaint, created by the brilliant minds behind Volvo cars. It is pretty cool. Take a look.

According to the Volvo LifePaint website, road safety shouldn’t be for the few, it should be for everyone. LifePaint is a uniquely reflective safety spray. It is completely invisible in the daylight. It lights up under the glare of a car’s headlights. It lasts about one week after you apply it and does not affect the color of the item that you spray it on. The items you can apply it to are endless. Shirts, helmets, wheelchairs, jackets, shoes, bikes, scooters, dog leashes, collars, backpacks, purses, the list goes on and on. People should have the option of riding their bikes, or walking rather than driving a car, and being safe while doing it. This helps ensure their safety while doing it. LifePaint is part of Volvo’s campaign promising that no person will be seriously injured or killed by a new Volvo vehicle. Personally I am very excited to see if they are able to achieve this goal. Now that you have seen what this paint can do for cyclists and pedestrians, go here and check out what this car can do.

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