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Chilling Drone Footage Of Auschwitz Nazi Concentration Camp Will Haunt You

Chilling Drone Footage Of Auschwitz Nazi Concentration Camp Will Haunt You

It has been over 70 years since the heart breaking days between 1940-1945. These were time of torture, death, and despair. Located in Southern Poland is a concentration camp once known as Auschwitz-Birkenau. If you are not familiar with this agonizing place, it was once deemed as Adolf Hitler’s “final solution”. It was the largest death camp with over 1.1 million deaths. BBC is allowing us to take a glimpse into the somber place that once housed so many. The footage you are about to see shows just a small portion into the lives of prisoners.

The release of this disturbing, yet eye-opening footage is for the anniversary of when Auschwitz was freed by the Soviets. A ceremony took place and over 100 survivors attended. One guest in attendance was Steven Spielberg where he stated in regards to this video, “It means preserving places like Auschwitz so people can always see for themselves how hateful ideologies can become tangible acts of murder. It means sharing and sustaining the testimonies of witnesses so that they can endure for teachers and students around the world their testimonies give to each survivor everlasting life and give to all of us everlasting value.”

Written by Erica Hatch

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