92-Year-Old War Veteran Waited 70 Years To Fly Spitfires

92-Year-Old War Veteran Waited 70 Years To Fly Spitfires

When you think of a 92 year old person, you may think of someone that has lived a long and wonderful life, but they’re unable to perform some of the regular tasks they did when they were younger. Their knees may hurt, they’ve probably had some surgeries, and they just don’t get around like they used to. Well this is definitely NOT the case when it comes to Joy Lofthouse. She is a 92 year old woman who was part of an all-female division in the British Army nicknamed the “Attagirls”. She was one of the few female pilots in the British Army at the time. She flew 18 different aircrafts, but she had a favorite. Her favorite aircraft was the Spitfire airplane. Just wait until you see what they did for her 70 years after World War II ended.

Joy Lofthouse worked as a service pilot during World War II. She was one of the pilots that would shuttle planes from the front lines, getting them back to the factories so they could be repaired. She hasn’t flown a plane in about 70 years.

92-Year-Old War Veteran Waited 70 Years To Fly Spitfires
USA Today

To celebrate the end of World War II 70 years ago, Lofthouse was called upon to fly her favorite model of aircraft, the Spitfire. She does tell the interviewer that she’s not as confident as she once was, and that she is “aware of her age.”

During the flight, she talks about how incredible the experience was. “It’s hard to describe the feeling. It almost makes one feel young again,” said Lofthouse. She also mentioned that she was not used to hearing people talk to her while flying because they didn’t have radios when she flew 70 years ago.

See the full video of her flight and interview below.

What an amazing thing for Joy Lofthouse to experience. She played such an important part in history, it’s nice to see that they were able to give back to her, even if it is 70 years later. I’m glad this entire experience was documented so it could be shared world wide. Her smile and attitude is definitely contagious.

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