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You’ll Be The Life Of The Party After Learning These 19 Tutorials

You'll Be The Life Of The Party After Learning These 19 Tutorials

Have you ever practiced at something for a long time, but still weren’t able to master whatever it is you were trying to? Failure at a goal we want to accomplish is never an easy pill to swallow. You know what they say though? Practice makes perfect. You just gotta keep on pushing yourself and eventually you will get to where you wanna go. Sometimes you need a little bit of instruction and guidance to get there however. That’s where these 19 tutorials come in. If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to moonwalk or do a backflip, then you need to check out these video tutorials. They can help you master all the neat tricks you’ve seen!

1. How To Do A Backflip!

2. How To Throw A Playing Card!

3. How To Spin A Pen In Your Fingers!

4. How To Moonwalk Like The King Of Pop!

5. How To Roll A Coin Across Your Knuckles!

6. Calculate Cube Roots Instantly!

7. Draw A Perfect Circle!

8. Jump From Your Back Straight To Your Feet!

9. Make A Playing Card Disappear!

10. Crack A Combination Lock!

11. Shuffle Poker Chips!

12. Make Shadow Puppets!

13. Fold Shirts Quickly!

14. Walk On Broken Glass!

15. Whistle With A Blade Of Grass!

16. Memorize A Deck Of Cards!

17. Solve A Rubik’s Cube!

18. Speed Read!

19. Whistle With Your Fingers!

There is some pretty awesome stuff you can learn to do with these. I have personally always wanted to learn how to moon walk. I never thought I would be able to get it down though. After watching that tutorial one time, I was able to get it down pat! Most of these won’t ever serve a functional purpose in your life, but sometimes it’s just nice to be able to do something not many of your friends can do. I will definitely be busting out the moon walk way more often now!

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