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Crazy Moment Genius Driver Loads His Truck Onto A Ship Using Flimsy Wooden Planks

Crazy Moment Genius Driver Loads His Truck Onto A Ship Using Flimsy Wooden Planks

You will come across people every day that have a better idea, or a better way to do something, than you do. If you can’t find this, you’re not looking hard enough. There are brilliant and ingenious people out there that will blow your mind! Unfortunately for the brilliant minds, videos with great ideas and interesting ways to solve the worlds problems aren’t the ones that are breaking the internet. On the other end of the spectrum, we have complete and utter stupidity that seems to be quite a hit. People so stupid that they seem to have survived purely on dumb luck. I had a friend once, that needed to change a light bulb in 20 foot tall shop. To accomplish this feat, here is what was utilized: a lifted Suburban, a folding table, two Coleman coolers, a 6 foot ladder and his very tippy toes. His stupidity is definitely rivaled by the people in this next video. Watch below as these people risk their life and possessions by attempting to load a truck onto a ship, ridiculously using wooden planks. What do you think the chances are that they’ll actually make it?

I had a friend working on his low rider, an old Plymouth Valiant, that thought that he needed to try to use some 2×4’s as a ramp to get up the curb. That one didn’t work so well for him. I am simply amazed and a little bewildered that these guys were able to get their full size truck down the make shift ramp without dropping into the water below. I don’t know what they were thinking, but this video is surely a testament to the creative mindset that I, so lovingly, refer to as ‘Redneck Engineering.’ What are your thoughts?

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