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Man Turns Ugly Looking Tree Into An Incredible Work Of Art

Man Turns Ugly Looking Tree Into An Incredible Work Of Art

A dead tree in your yard can be a serious eyesore. I remember when I was younger we had to have two giant trees removed from our front yard. My step-dad is extremely handy, and would have done it himself. The problem was that these trees needed to be completely uprooted from where they stood, and that definitely wasn’t a job for just anybody. So my step-dad called his buddy who had his own business that handled this exact thing and he came out and helped us out. I watched the whole process and was fascinated by it. Unfortunately, tearing out the whole tree sometimes isn’t an option, or it isn’t the owners wish. A women had a tree partially fall in her yard, and wanted something done with it. She hired a man named Lueb Popoff to come and get rid of her tree problem. He had something else in mind however. The video starts with him making smaller cuts than you would think are necessary to take the tree down. It quickly becomes apparent though, that he isn’t just there to take down the tree. He is there to transform it isn’t something amazing. Check out what he does with this broken tree in the video below!

Pretty awesome right!? I would love to have a tree carving highlighting nature in my front yard like this. This is something that really does add some creativity and beauty to your whole property. It would be interesting to see what he could do with a whole group of trees. He could make giant scenes of wood carvings featuring everything in your imagination. This takes quite a bit a talent, and a hell of a lot of patience. I would get so tired holding that chainsaw up there for that long. This guy deserves a ton of credit for doing this, especially when all the lady who hired him wanted was for a dead tree to be taken care of.

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