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Man Rescues Bear With It’s Head Trapped Inside A Jar

Man Rescues Bear With It's Head Trapped Inside A Jar

Animals in distress is something very difficult to see and the last thing you want to come across. It doesn’t really matter what the situation is. Humans cause a lot of problems for our animal friends because of the many harmful things we do to our planet. We have giant landfills filled with trash and plastic that wild animals will try to eat. Obviously this can create white a disastrous problem. Our oceans are also full of discarded plastic and trash. Scientists have estimated that our oceans will be continue to be polluted with plastic and other pollutants at an ever-increasing rate in the years ahead. There really is no easy solution to the problem. So for now, we have to deal with situations like the one in the video. An animal is in distress and for some reason the game commissioners of this small town couldn’t do anything about it. Luckily, there were some amazing town residents who couldn’t stand by and watch nothing be done.

These are some extremely brave people in this video. Approaching a bear, even with something over its face, is a risky maneuver. These people weren’t fazed however, and did what needed to be done. It would have been a terribly tragic situation if this bear would have died from dehydration because of the ignorance of man leaving something like this lying around. These people showed tremendous bravery in helping this poor animal. Hopefully this bear doesn’t find itself in another situation like this.

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