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Baby Elephant Rescued From Drain Pipe

Baby Elephant Rescued From Drain Pipe

Humans and animals have always had a somewhat contentious relationship. It’s not really the animals fault….well ever. Animals operate on almost pure instinct. Their DNA tells them to react to certain situation in a certain way. Humans have the ability to reason certain situations and take the appropriate action. Living in close proximity with animals means that they occasionally find themselves in situations that they have no idea how to react to. Human technology or infrastructure doesn’t mean a thing to them. That’s what makes this video so incredibly sad in the beginning. This baby elephant was walking along with its mother when all of sudden it fell into an open drain pipe in Sri Lanka. It’s a situation that could have ended horribly for this baby. Fortunately though, some god hearted humans took action and mounted a rescue operation.

This baby elephant is extremely lucky these people were there to help. You can see the mother elephant anxiously waiting in the back ground. She must have been terrified at what these strange creatures were doing were her baby. Unfortunately the baby did have a fractured leg, so it had to be taken to an animal sanctuary to be cared for. I can only hope that the baby and his mother are able to be reunited soon.

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