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Man Races The Subway By Foot And We’re Exhausted Just Watching

Man Races The Subway By Foot And We’re Exhausted Just Watching

We as humans have a very competitive nature, even when it comes to the seemingly impossible. We will try, try, and try again until we persevere. Watch the ultimate man vs. machine race in this awesome showdown. This more than human running machine races a London subway train and the attempt is nothing less than impressive. Check out the action as a man races the subway train on foot across the city in an attempt to catch the very same train at the next station. Watch the battle unfold below!

I like how everyone on the subway knew what was going on, and were expecting him at the next stop. It would have been sad to see their faces though if he didn’t make the train. This guy is extremely fast and very fit. I can’t imagine how tired he was though after running up and down stairs, and along the streets of London. I honestly got tired just watching the video. I was definitely on edge as the train go closer to the next stop. This was a pretty impressive feat and I’m wondering how many times he did this before he was actually successful.

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