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10 Of The Most Highly Guarded Places In The World

Security is not cheap, so many businesses, families, and agencies take such value in a secured place. You see celebrities every day who are surrounded by body guards, there are movies about the body-guard and security life, but did you know a lot of these places do actually exist? Let’s take a look at some of the most secured places in the world.

1. ADX Florence Prison

10 Of The Most Highly Guarded Places In The World

ADX Florence Prison  is a supermax prison (for men) in Colorado housing the baddest of the bad. These criminals are considered the most dangerous cons in the US. Described by one former ADX warden as “a cleaner version of hell”, security measures at the prison include attack dogs guarding the area between the prison walls and 12 ft. high razor wire fences, 1,400 remotely controlled steel doors, motion detecting laser beams, pressure pads and cameras. Current residents of the prison include infamous “Shoe Bomber” Richard Reid, 9/11 terrorist mastermind Zacarias Moussaoui, and Oklahoma City bombing conspirator Terry Nichols among many, many others.

2. Air Force One

10 Of The Most Highly Guarded Places In The World

It’s no surprise that this famous plane is on the list. The United States President travels in a modified Boeing 747-200B series aircraft. It has the world’s most advanced flight avoidance, air-to-air defense, and electronics technology packages available anywhere in the World, all for the protection of the Commander-in-Chief and his entourage.

3. Deposed Iraqi Leader Saddam Hussein’s Baghdad Bunker

10 Of The Most Highly Guarded Places In The World

This one took me by surprise. The 2,150 square-yard bunker was originally designed to withstand the blast of a nuclear bomb and house 50 people. Located nearly 100 feet underground, the bunker survived seven American dropped bunker busters and 20 cruise missiles during the war.

4. Bahnhof and Wikileaks in Stockholm

10 Of The Most Highly Guarded Places In The World

Buried 100 feet beneath the streets of Stockholm, this old nuclear bunker is the godfather of all data centers. That’s because the facility, owned by the Swedish internet provider Bahnhof, famously shelters the servers for WikiLeaks. Julian Assange’s most precious computers hide in this data bunker. Tucked behind a 1.5-foot steel door and driven by back-up generators that can go for weeks, WikiLeaks will keep breathing as long as it possibly can.

5. Bank of England Gold Vault

10 Of The Most Highly Guarded Places In The World

I would like to take a visit here. UK’s largest gold vault—second in the world to the Fed in New York—stores 4,600 5152 tons of gold. The bomb-proof door is unlocked via a sophisticated voice recognition system, aided by multiple three-foot-long keys.

6. The 1960’s Bar

10 Of The Most Highly Guarded Places In The World

Located 100 feet underground within Britain’s secret subterranean Burlington bunker complex in Wiltshire, England, the 1960’s Bar is a recreation of a pub popular with British Government officials. This top-secret base was first constructed during the Cold War and designed to be a refuge for the higher-ups to reconstruct Britain in the event of a nuclear attack…needless to say they figured they would need a few pints to wait out the radiation, I like the way these guys think.

7. Dooms Day Seed Vault

Remember talking about this amazing place a few posts back? You know, the place I would go if the world ended. the Svalbard International Seed Vault, is designed to store a wide assortment of seeds in an effort to preserve crop diversity and assure humans will have a source of food no matter what earthly disasters occur.

10 Of The Most Highly Guarded Places In The World
The entrance of the Svalbard Global Seed Vault.

8. Iron Mountain

10 Of The Most Highly Guarded Places In The World

What do the charred remains of Flight 93, the original photo of Albert Einstein sticking out his tongue, and Edison’s patent for the light bulb have in common? They’re all stowed under Iron Mountain. 200 feet below the ground, this retired limestone mine houses 1.7 million square feet worth of vaults. The US government is the biggest tenant, and the identities of 95% of vault owners are confidential. We do know that Warner Brothers, the Smithsonian Institution, and Corbis all have vaults there. Thousands of historic master recordings, photo negatives, and original film reels live here. Iron Mountain is also home to Room 48, a data center backing up some of America’s biggest companies. Two waves of armed guards protect the entrance, and it’s said they inspect guests so thoroughly that even the TSA would be embarrassed.


10 Of The Most Highly Guarded Places In The World

The exterior was fried but the interior was pristine. Mosler, the company that built the safe, saw the incident as a great marketing opportunity. For the next decade, it exploited the tragedy to boast about the quality of its products. Safe? Certainly. Tactful? Not so much.

10. Vatican Secret Archives

10 Of The Most Highly Guarded Places In The World

Last, but certainly not least are these historic Vatican archives. Despite the church’s attempt at openness, critics say the contents aren’t accessible enough since only qualified clergy and academics are allowed inside the facility, and even those granted entry cannot view items without advanced approval.


A lot of these places I would love to visit in person, wouldn’t you? Of course, past security would be another story. I would like to know the cost it took to make some of these bomb proof places or to pay for 24/7 security.

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