This Camel Genuinely Laughs When It Gets Tickled

This Camel Genuinely Laughs When It Gets Tickled

Camels have never been a favorite animal of mine. They’re big, they’re stinky, and they aren’t the most pleasant of creatures to look at. I do understand that in some parts of the world, they do have a very special place and purpose though. They’ve been used to transport goods across the vast deserts for thousands of years, without the need for much food or water.  In some parts of the world, camels are used for their milk, meat, and fur. Even their droppings can be used as fuel. Pretty crazy, right? Camels basically use their humps as a safe. When there is a lot of food in abundance for them, they tend to overeat. Don’t we all? But when they are over-eating, they are actually storing that excess food in their humps so they are able to walk for many more miles without the need to stop for food or water. That’s not all that makes camels interesting though. Camels have been caught on camera and film laughing and smiling, similar to humans. But are they really laughing or is there a different explanation for this?

Watch the video below to decide if this camel is really ticklish or is there a different explanation?

The camel is more likely experiencing knismesis — a behavioral response to a light tickle or itch on the skin common in many animals. I’m pretty sure I have it as well. This evolved behavior does not signify joy, but is meant to rid the animal of vermin or bugs touching its skin that might cause it harm. The behavior usually manifests in a shudder or shake.

Written by Dan Edmund

Dan Edmund has been doing internet marketing for over 10 years and frequently blogs on several websites.

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