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Woman Runs Into Police Station And Tosses Raw Bacon at ‘Pig’ Cop

Woman Runs Into Police Station And Tosses Raw Bacon at 'Pig' Cop

With all the negative media on police officers lately, it is apparent that some people are up in arms and ready to start an argument with an officer over something as simple as being pulled over for a seat belt violation. Lindsay McNamara, who is 24 years old, falls among the crowd of people unhappy with her local police department. She must have had a run in with the law recently because she decided to make a scene and start an argument at the Framingham, Massachusetts police station recently. She came in with a box of gifts that she deemed appropriate for the officers in her town and started to give them out. Well they weren’t gifts the police were expecting and the stunt landed Lindsay behind bars. Take a look at the video below, you’ll see what I mean.

She started by shouting some less-than-kind words to the officer behind the counter. After she said what she felt she needed to say, she began to throw pounds and pounds of raw bacon at the officers behind the counter. If throwing bacon at police wasn’t enough, when she ran out of bacon she threw packages of sausage at the officers. She did all this while yelling, “I’m here to feed the pigs”. Arresting officers stated that “it’s clear she may need help”.

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