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Lost Wallet Returned 71 Years After Being Left In A Theater

Lost Wallet Returned 71 Years After Being Left In A Theater

There are three things I will never leave the house without, my phone, my keys and my wallet. Those three items are essential. Your wallet is probably the most irreplaceable of them however. It’s not the wallet itself really, but the contents inside that can cause you to panic. The realization that you’ve lost your wallet is probably one of the most sickening feelings you can have. It pretty much has your entire life inside it. It’s a big hassle when you have to cancel all your credit cards and get a new ID. Think about if you lost a wallet and it was found many years later though? Imagine if it was 71 years later!? Well that’s exactly what happened in this old movie theater Nevada, Iowa. Check out how it was found and the incredible contents inside in the video below!

What an absolutely incredible find! Luckily the owner of the theater used to be an investigator so he had the know how on the best way to track down the owner of this genuine piece of history. The food ration stamps were especially interesting. Many people don’t know that food actually was rationed to a degree during the war. The owner of this wallet has seen so much. The memories that must have come flooding back from seeing the contents of his long-lost wallet must have been incredible. This will be a story he can cherish for the rest of his days.

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