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This Guy’s Bow And Arrow Skills Would Put Robin Hood To Shame

This Guy's Bow And Arrow Skills Would Put Robin Hood To Shame

Ever since I was a little boy I had the same dream as many young boys growing up in my era. I wanted to be just like Robin Hood for at least a summer or two. The archery skills displayed by that cartoon fox were unmatched and ended up gaining him attention which landed a beautiful princess. The bow and arrow is one of the most ancient tools in history and it seems that over the course of centuries, archers have gone away from traditional styles of shooting. Lars Anderson is living my boyhood dream but he has taken his skills to an entirely new level. What he does with a bow and arrow is absolutely amazing to say the least. He has broken down the historical science behind archery and proves why he is the most incredible archer in the world. Take a look.

Was that not the most amazing archery you have ever seen? Robin Hood has nothing on this guy. Except maybe a beautiful princess but that’s neither here nor there. Lars Anderson is the most incredible archer ever and has truly mastered the sport of archery. He is meticulously perfecting his craft every day. Be honest, how bad do you want to run out and buy a bow and arrow set right now? I’m already half way to the sporting goods store.

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