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This Adorable ‘Lip-Dub’ Marriage Proposal Is The Best Thing You’ll See All Day

This Adorable 'Lip-Dub' Marriage Proposal Is The Best Thing You'll See All Day

When it comes to getting engaged, the guy usually has to rack his brain trying to figure out something memorable and fun, or at the very least some sort of very sweet proposal. It’s always fun to see when people get super creative with their proposals too, and in some instances, they post them on YouTube. And that’s exactly what happened in this video! Isaac Lamb surprised his girlfriend Amy — a choreographer with a Broadway dancing background — with an elaborate proposal that involved more than 60 people performing down a street. Lamb’s brother sat her in the back of a car with a pair of headphones and told her to listen to the song that played. His friends and family were there to help set up cameras. In the video, even Isaac’s brother is involved as he helps gets Isaac’s girlfriend prepared for a very memorable experience.

Check this out.

She will definitely not forget this. The amount of time and effort that they put into this video is pretty incredible, and this will definitely be something that they both cherish for as long as they live. We wish them a life full of happiness, and if this video is any indication of how their life together will be, they are sure to have a ton of fun! I wonder if they have any surprises planned for their wedding and the wedding guests, maybe some sort of dance routine? What are your thoughts?

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