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10 Children Ask Their Fathers What Makes Them Proud

10 Children Ask Their Fathers What Makes Them Proud

When it comes to our parents, how often do you tell them what they mean to you? Do you ever tell them I love you just out of the blue? Or do you ever mention how much you appreciate all that they have done and continue to do for you? They’ve done so much for us over the years. The list of things that they do goes on and on. It includes taking you to practice, feeding you, making sure you have clothes, tending to any wounds you may have, calming you down after a nightmare, giving you hugs when you needed them most, and overall, they are just there for you no matter what, through thick and thin. It’s not unusual to have disagreements with your parents, but they’ve been in your life since day one. With Father’s Day quickly approaching, it was the perfect time for the #TellThemNow video to be released, but I’m warning you! Before you watch this, grab a box of tissues.

Wow, this was so sweet! Usually it’s all about the moms when it comes to holidays, but it’s nice to see dads get some credit too. After all, they have to deal with mom when you move out or when she gets frustrated or sad. Dads deserve a lot of credit too, and in this video it was so touching to see how much emotion there was between a child and their father. We don’t get to see the raw emotions of parents all the time, but this was definitely heartwarming.

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