Teachers Perform Awesome Flash Mob from ‘Les Miserables’

Teachers Perform Awesome Flash Mob from ‘Les Miserables'

This is the last weekend of summer break for my family. My kids go back to school on Monday and they aren’t exactly looking forward to it. However, I am certainly looking forward to it! I love how school breaks up the day and gets the kids out of the house! I’m tired of having to entertain the kids and think of things for them to do because they lack an imagination of their own. We tried to keep them busy this summer by going on family vacations, visiting an amusement park, kayaking, and more, but if we didn’t have something big planned the kids were bored. My mother-in-law is a second grade teacher and I asked her earlier today if she was excited for school to start too and she said she is excited for Monday. She wants to meet her class and get to know her students, but work started today and tomorrow is another day full of meetings, which she is not looking forward to.  To let her know some of these meetings can be fun I sent her a video clip of teachers in Iowa who made those mandatory meetings before school starts a little more interesting for all the teachers with a flash mob! You have to see this!

Now this is the way to make going back to school exciting for any teacher! I absolutely love this song from Les Miserables and the parody was perfect for adapting it to school starting in just one more day! I particularly like that it wasn’t all butterflies and rainbows and part of the song was saying they don’t want to go back, because let’s face it, teachers enjoy their summers off too! And they deserve those summer breaks! I doubt my mother-in-law’s school will be as cool as this West Des Moines school was, but at least it brought a smile to her face before facing a day of meetings tomorrow after having a few months off!

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