Surfer Almost Swallowed By Massive Whale

Surfer Almost Swallowed By Massive Whale

The ocean can be a calm and peaceful place, where people ride their surfboards or paddle boards out away from the shore to get away from the busyness of the city they live in. You can grab your board and paddle out to where you can’t hear the horns, people talking loudly, or just to get away from the things that tend to cause stress in your life. Well that’s exactly what this surfer did. She paddled out past the docks and was enjoying a nice relaxing day in the ocean. The people in the water noticed that there were a lot of seagulls all around them, but you never know what they’re looking for. They could be looking for food or they could just be stalking you. It’s hard to say. But I don’t think this surfer ever expected this to happen!

Did that really just happen? I don’t know if I would ever go in the ocean again if a whale came up from underwater that close to me! That was insane! She’s lucky to be alive, and so is everyone around her. It’s amazing that this was even caught on camera since it happened so quickly. I bet they are glad they had their camera rolling because nobody would have believed them if they told them what happened without proof!

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