This 11 Year Old Boy Didn’t Let Having Cerebral Palsy Define Who He His. You Won’t Believe What He’s Doing Now.

This 11 Year Old Boy Didn't Let Having Cerebral Palsy Define Who He His. You Won't Believe What He's Doing Now.

When you think back to your school years, think of the physical activities they had you participate in. There was the fun run, field day which included things like kickball or tug of war, or even just the simple running around the playground that we most of us take for granted. During a race at one elementary school, there was a student named Matt who was determined to participate. Matt has cerebral palsy which makes simple tasks like running around the playground extremely hard, actually almost impossible! But this was not going to slow Matt down. He had put his mind to running this race and he wasn’t about to give up. Check out the full video below as this student with cerebral palsy runs a race.

Matt is an extremely courageous kid! Not only was he determined to run the race, he was determined to finish the race, and he did just that. I loved seeing the encouragement he received from his teachers and fellow classmates, but also from all of the bystanders. They absolutely helped give him the courage to finish. And I love how they all swarmed him at the finish line.

source: Damn

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