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Strange Icy Object That Looks Like ‘Alien Eggs’ Found On Utah Lake

Strange Icy Object That Looks Like 'Alien Eggs' Found On Utah Lake

Have you ever seen something that you just couldn’t wrap your head around? Maybe you thought you saw a flying saucer or Bigfoot. The unknown and unexplained have fascinated humans for as long as we have been around. We have a natural thirst for knowledge, so we see something that we don’t understand, it makes brings our curiosity to the surface. Well these two guys on a frozen lake in Utah certainly found something unexplainable (as of yet). What these two guys were doing on the lake is anyone’s guess. One thing is for sure, this strange ice formation is definitely a find that is creating talk all over the internet.

This thing is seriously weird! I’ve never seen anything like this strange ice formation. The joke going around the internet is that they could be “alien eggs.” While I highly doubt that is what this thing is, it does make your mind wander a little bit. Until someone figures out what this thing is, speculations are going to run wild. There will definitely be some crazy theories out there like the alien eggs one, but that comes with the territory of finding someone not many people have ever seen before.

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