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Beachgoers Save 30 Dolphins That Washed Up

Beachgoers Save 30 Dolphins That Washed Up

Dolphins are considered one of the most intelligent animals on the planet. They are extremely playful and relatively friendly to humans. They have even been known to assist humans in desperate need of help in the ocean. Unfortunately humans have never been known to respect wildlife the way we should. There was a story that came out a couple of months ago about a baby dolphin that died because tourists wanted to take pictures with it. This kind of behavior is disgusting, but it is not indicative of the way all humans treat wildlife. A man who was filming his morning walk on a beach in Brazil witnessed the way humans can actually be of benefit to animals. Check out the incredible video below.

This would have been such a tragic situation if these amazing people hadn’t stepped up and helped. You can see that the dolphins that did not get stranded are refusing to leave the other ones behind. Dolphins are known as very loyal creatures, and it’s heartbreaking to see them unable to help their pod. I don’t understand exactly what caused these dolphins to swim towards the shore like they did. Hopefully they won’t try something like this again though.

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