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Fisherman Helps A Pregnant Stingray Give Birth

Fisherman Helps A Pregnant Stingray Give Birth

One thing that I absolutely love to do is go fishing. It’s fun to go with the family, but it’s also a nice little break when it is involved in a date night somehow. I love sitting in front of a body of water, whether that’s a local fishing pond or a reservoir up in the mountains. There’s just something about throwing your line out into the water and waiting, taking in your surroundings preferably without cell phone service. I haven’t been lucky enough to go fishing in the ocean, but what a getaway that would be! It’s definitely on my bucket list. When fishing in the ocean on a boat there are hundreds, if not thousands, of different types of fish and sea life you can catch. When this family was fishing in the ocean, they caught a sting ray. They were originally going to use the stingray as shark bait, but then something very unusual began to happen.

How would it be to see stingrays being born first hand. By the looks of it, this family knew what they were doing and tossed the babies back into the water giving them the best chance to survive. The world is truly an amazing place, full of wonderful, and also scary things. I don’t think I’d be this calm if I was in the exact situation, but I’m glad they were the ones that caught this stingray and released it back into the ocean with her babies.

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