Steve-O Climbs A Crane To Protest Sea World

Steve-O Climbs A Crane To Protest Sea World

Steve-O has never been one to shy away from a challenge. Pretty much anything he and his friends from the cast of Jackass was considered stupid and ridiculous. Well now that his Jackass days are over, Steve-O has taken a step back from the spotlight compared to his former antics and brash lifestyle. He is still using his fame however, and recently has been using it to promote a cause that he seems to be very passionate about. We all know that SeaWorld has taken a huge hit in profits and public sentiment since that movie Blackfish came out. Well apparently Steve-O is not a big fan of SeaWorld because of the movie and has done multiple protests against the iconic venue. This time he decided to take things to the next level literally, and Steve-O climbs a crane to spread a message. I would never have the guts to do something like this, but we all know Steve-O isn’t exactly a normal person when it comes to insane stunts. He might wanna get his wallet ready though, the justice system usually doesn’t look kindly on people who pull stunts like this.

Check out the video below as Steve-O Climbs A Crane to spread a message!

Well, you can never say Steve-O led a dull life! There were more than 80 firefighters and 30 police officers at the site of this crane, apparently they were called because people thought it was someone who was going to commit suicide. He wore a Blackfish t-shirt, had an inflatable Orca and lit fireworks while on top of the crane. Steve-O climbs a crane for a cause that he really believes in though, so it’s hard to be super mad at him. He climbed down under his own power but the police are still investigating what charges they could possibly bring against Steve-O for his crazy stunt.

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