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St. Elmo’s Fire Is A Fire That’s Not Actually A Fire

St. Elmo's Fire Is A Fire That's Not Actually A Fire

I’ve never been one to mess with paranormal activity. The whole subject in general just seems taboo to me. Sailors on the other hand, they have always been a very superstitious. The seas are rife with stories about supernatural occurrences, sea monsters and other strange phenomenon. Many sailors would hold items they believed to be lucky or imbued with magic to bring them good fortune on their journeys. St. Elmo’s Fire is a phenomenon that sailors would often witness and see as supernatural occurrence, and also a sign of good luck. Check out this amazing phenomenon and what it does to boats and even humans!

St. Elmo's Fire Is A Fire That's Not Actually A Fire

St. Elmo’s Fire can occur anywhere where the air is charged with electricity. It is most commonly associated with the sea and sailing however.

St. Elmo's Fire Is A Fire That's Not Actually A Fire

It is caused when plasma builds up at the end of pointed objects, much like the masts on a ship. The plasma is then discharged as a visible form of light.

St. Elmo's Fire Is A Fire That's Not Actually A Fire

The phenomenon takes its name from the Italian version of St. Erasmus, the patron saint of sailors. For years, spotting this amazing light show was considered a good omen.

The phenomenon can happen with people as well! These people were standing by a lake, when all of a sudden lightning started shooting out of their fingertips! This would be so cool to experience in person!

I lived near a lake my entire life growing up. I have spent many nights out by the water, and I don’t think I’ve ever experienced this myself. I would have freaked out as well, because I would have had absolutely no idea what would be happening. I can see why early sailors would look up on something like this and think something other world was happening. Before science, people had to come up with explanations for things they couldn’t understand, so why not chalk it up to the supernatural.

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