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With Just A Year To Live, This Daddy Gave His Son A Final Chance To Smile

With Just A Year To Live, This Daddy Gave His Son A Final Chance To Smile

When someone you love gets diagnosed with cancer, it immediately hits you like a ton of bricks. The feeling you get inside is indescribable. You want to help the person, relieve their pain, and hope for a cure for their fateful diagnosis. Unfortunately some people who are diagnosed with cancer don’t have a choice. Many of those suffering are only given a short amount of time to live. As a parent, if your child were to receive the diagnosis of terminal cancer, you have two choices you can make. You can dwell in pity and anguish, hurting and living in misery. Or you can make the last little bit of time you have left, the most memorable moments ever. That is what Mike Wilson, aka SpiderDad, did after his son was diagnosed with a Grade 4 Brain Stem Tumor. He was given an average of 1 yr to live, he decided to do something special for his little boy.

This is something his brave son will never forget. After his son was diagnosed with cancer, SpiderDad purchased a replica Spiderman suit to make his Jayden’s 5th birthday the best day ever. Across the internet he is known as Spiderdad. Unfortunately sweet Jayden passed away over Christmas this past year. But that is not stopping his family from keeping his memory alive. If you would like to take part and help donate with the Spiderdad, click here.

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