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Son Brings Moment Of Peace To Mom With Alzheimer’s By Playing Songs

Son Brings Moment Of Peace To Mom With Alzheimer’s By Playing Songs

Alzheimer’s Disease is responsible for approximately 60-70% of dementia cases in the world. It’s a chronic neurodegenerative disease that begins slowly, and gets worse over time. If you’ve ever known someone with Alzheimer’s, you know that over time they will start to not recognize very familiar faces from their grandchildren, neighbors, and even their children. It’s heartbreaking to watch, but sometimes they just need to be reminded that everything will be okay. In this touching video, YouTuber Joe Fraley, sings a song to his mom. At first, she doesn’t seem to recognize him or the song, but as soon as he starts playing and singing she lights up with pure joy. You’ll want to grab some tissues before clicking play because this is just so sweet! What a great video as this son plays a song for his mom with Alzheimer’s.

Unfortunately at this point in her Alzheimer’s diagnosis, Joe’s mom was unable to recognize Joe, his three siblings, or even her own husband. They moved her to an assisted living facility so she could get the care and attention that she deserved. The look on her face as he started playing was absolutely priceless and really shows what pure joy looks like. Even through her diagnosis and the hurdles that follow, she is lucky to be surrounded by such an amazing family that will support her through thick and thin.

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