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Cord Snaps On Catapult Ride Just Seconds Before Launch

We all love going to a good amusement park! The delicious food, the thrilling rides and the overall atmosphere make theme parks a very appealing destination for many. It seems like theme parks have pushing the boundaries when it comes to terrifying experiences the last few years and technology has come a long way from the wooden roller coasters we grew up with. There is a new ride that I see at every county fair or amusement park I’ve been to in recent years. It goes by many names like, “The Slingshot” or “The Catapult”. Whichever variation of the name you see, the concept is the same. Two people sit in a small metal cage that is attached to two bungee cords on the sides. These bungee cords stretch way up in the air and on the count of three you are released in your metal cage. You are shot straight up and bounce up and down numerous times while being suspended by giant rubber bands while hundreds of feet in the air. It sounds pretty fun doesn’t it? Yea if you’re insane! As many times as I have seen this ride, there is one thing you can count on, I won’t be on it. First of all, I’m terrified of heights and second of all I don’t trust small rubber band cords launching me into the sky while undergoing thousands of pounds of opposing force. One thing is certain. nothing lasts forever. Well that’s the case for the bungee cords that are attached to “The Catapult” in the video below. The problem is that there are people on the ride when they fail! The weird thing is that right before the incident took place, a man in the crowd watching says, “I’ll pray for you, the ropes are looking a little frayed”. Watch this terrifying event unfold in the video below as these slingshot cables fail.

Like I said before, you wouldn’t catch me on this ride in the first place but now I can guarantee that you WON’T EVER catch me on this ride. When the slingshot cables fail, they almost seriously injure the boy seated in the ride. I can’t even imagine how fast that bungee snapped back but it looked extremely powerful. That boy is lucky he wasn’t seriously injured or even worse. The man watching was just being funny with his comments about insurance and the ropes being frayed but little did he know they would come true. I’m just glad this kid is okay and that they were still on the ground when the slingshot cables fail. Things could have been much, much worse!