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Crazy Amped Up Guy Is Shot With 3 Tasers Without Even Flinching

Crazy Amped Up Guy Is Shot With 3 Tasers Without Even Flinching

Sometimes there are people in this world that are a little crazy. They can do or take things that the average human just cannot withstand, no matter what. I’ll see videos or pictures of people participating in extreme sports and I don’t know how they do it. Or when people get hit by a car, then walk away without even a scratch.  These cops found out the hard way that this man is exactly one of these people. At first he is complying with them, but things got out of control pretty quickly. So they tried to taser him and were quickly surprised with the results. Just wait until you see what happens.

That guy was absolutely insane. I don’t understand how this guy kept going even after getting shot with a taser multiple times. I wonder what he did in order to have the police called on him in the first place. Really the only explanation would seem to boil down to being on some sort of drug that helped minimize the effect of the taser. Superman has absolutely nothing on this guy! It’s obvious that tasers are not his kryptonite.

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