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This Shark Enjoys Getting A Belly Rub More Than Most Dogs Do

We’ve given you plenty of reasons to be scared of sharks. But on the other hand, we’ve given you a lot of reasons to love sharks too. I’m very intrigued by sharks, especially the Great White Sharks off the coast of South Africa where they swim undetected under the surface of the ocean, then breach the surface of the water with such velocity that it sometimes sends their prey high up into the air. However, that’s an area where I wouldn’t want to go swimming, in fear of becoming the prey. Have you ever wondered what happens to the sharks in the shark tank at your local aquarium? Do they take them out while they clean the tank? Maybe they put them into a special tank made for keeping the sharks out, but still making it easy to clean the glass. Well this aquarium cleaner was in for a bit of a surprise when cleaning the tank. A shark decided to pay a little visit, and what happens next is pretty incredible.

I definitely wasn’t expecting that shark to swim up to the aquarium employee, and I definitely didn’t expect the shark to act like a pet and get its belly rubbed. It could have always ended worse, at least the glass didn’t break on the shark tank. I guess just like any other pet, this shark recognizes who is not a predator to them, and it realized they were not prey either. It’s pretty cool seeing the love and affection that can happen between a shark and an aquarium employee considering we usually hear about how deadly sharks are. Would you dare get into this tank with this shark to give it a good belly rub?