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Diver Records What A Real-Life Shark Attack Looks Like

Diver Records What A Real-Life Shark Attack Looks Like

To protect the reef in the Western Carribean Sea from the destructive and invasive Lionfish (which have no natural predators in these foreign waters and are killing native fish species), diver Jason Dimitri was on assignment culling lion fish when a Caribbean Reef Shark suddenly appeared. Jason said he was about 70 ft underwater and captured the harrowing experience on his GoPro camera. This shark attack video will have you on the edge of your seat cringing your teeth!

I absolutely love the ocean. I love the calm and serene waters as well as the incredibly powerful swells and rough seas that can easily destroy anything standing in the way. The ocean is an incredible place, especially if you dive beneath the surface. I love diving and the feeling of being in a different world, at peace with your thoughts however there is always a small amount of fear in the back of your mind. That fear stems from situations exactly like this one. I would need a change in pants after an experience like this. He kept his cool and handled the situation like a pro. This shark attack would be terrifying none the less. Although this was just a small shark attack, the damage could have been life threatening to the diver.

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