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108-Yard-Old Woman Reveals The Secret To A Long Life

Jessie Gallan is 108 and sharp as a tack! She starts her day with a bowl of porridge and a smile. She doesn’t think much about being one of the oldest people around. She said she can’t help it, and gives a laugh. She still attends weekly exercise classes, and is very mobile. When asked what her secret to a long life was she said to fill up your days. She used to do a lot of knitting. She’s never been married and says she has never had to depend on anybody. Rumor has it the secret to a long life is avoiding men.

I like that she pointed out that she has had her ups and downs but in the end she is fine. So what is the secret to a long life? Porridge? Independence? Staying busy? Or maybe just waking up and smiling every day. Whatever it is, Jessie Gallan has done it, and done it well.

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