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Kids Find Staircase Leading To Room Hidden Behind a Bookcase in Their House, Then Things Get Weird

Just take a moment, and imagine moving into a new home. You are just a teenager and wrestling around with your younger brother and discover something very unexpected. Imgur user TwoBiteBrownie has posted pictures purporting to show a set of secret stairs hidden behind a bookcase, along with photographs suggesting someone may be living in his walls.

Now before we go any further, let’s be clear that the story has all the makings of a hoax: unbelievable photos, a great story and a surprise-type ending.

It looks like it is a normal bookshelf, right?

Well he claims that he was wrestling around with his little bother and pushed him into the shelf. When he fell, he pulled the bookshelf out with him. He had always assumed the shelf was just built into the wall.

Behind the bookshelf lead to a secret stairway.

A big windy stairway. Here’s a shot of what it looked like from the top.

Which leads you to a crawl space about halfway down.

Where you find a lot of creepy things. Lots and lots of creepy things! That candy looks pretty new and that banana peel certainly hasn’t been there long. He claims the Halloween candy was his implying saying someone went into his room, took the candy and then brought it back down there.

There are very weird and bizarre things like this elephant hidden under some blankets.

They also found a random key and have no idea what it unlocks.

The creepiest of them all… the dolls. Dolls are slightly creepy to begin with, but finding them in a hidden room of your house would definitely give you nightmares.

I wonder where these dolls came from and why they were down there? Might be time to track down some of the previous owners.

The story and the images have prompted fierce debate over their veracity with many suggesting the story is a hoax. Almost equal numbers of people, however, appear to have been completely taken in.

So, what do you think? The creepiest hoax ever? Or just plain creepy?

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