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Fog Rolling Over These Mountains Looks Like A Massive Wave

Fog Rolling Over These Mountains Looks Like A Massive Wave

Weather is awe-inspiring and sometimes scary phenomenon that happens all around us everyday. From sunny summer days to brutal winter storms, weather is a source of constant fascination for humanity. I have been through quite a few rough storms, even a tornado in my life time. Michigan gets crazy weather. This huge rolling cloud of fog in Newfoundland, Canada though may be one of the most terrifying things I have ever seen. It reminds me a lot of Steven Kings, The Mist, which was an absolutely terrifying book. I really don’t think I could ever imagine a scenario where I wouldn’t think of horrifying creatures coming out of this rolling cloud of fog to kill everyone in sight. Luckily for us, this guy was brave enough to stand by and film this scary fog for all of us to enjoy from a safe distance, behind our computer screens. You won’t want to miss this scary fog come over the mountains!

Check out this scary fog rolling over the mountains!

Pretty astonishing right? I literally couldn’t take my eyes off this. The way the cloud rolls and moves is really almost hypnotic and soothing in a way, but it also looks like some brooding and evil wall coming to envelope this entire little valley. Nature is pretty awesome, even when it involves a giant rolling scary fog cloud. I still don’t think I would be standing around to watch it though.

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