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Commercial Suggests Faking Your Own Death to Bring Your Family Together

Commercial Suggests Faking Your Own Death to Bring Your Family Together

The holidays are tough time of year for many people for a variety of reasons. Some people have just gone through a break up, and it’s their first time in a while without someone to celebrate with. Some people are away from their family for the first time. I remember my first Christmas away from my family when I was in Afghanistan. It was difficult thinking about everyone celebrating back home, enjoying good food and good company. As soldiers however, we receive many cards and kind words from people all over the world that help keep us going. A group that many people may forget about during the holiday season though are the elderly. Many people just assume that elderly people will be spending their holidays with family. That is not always the case however. Many times it’s just very difficult in today’s world to get everyone together during the busy holiday season. Through the hustle of bustle of our everyday lives, we tend to forget about the true meaning of the holiday season. I know I was personally very touched by this video. There may be some drastic actions taken in it, but they were all for a very good reason.

Check Out This Sad German Christmas Commercial:

This commercial is a sobering reminder that family is the most important thing during the holiday season. It isn’t about gifts, or how much you receive or even give. It is about the people who you share your life with. The holidays should be about appreciating what we already have. The small moments, simple things like a family getting together to share a holiday meal. If you know someone who may be alone this holiday season, invite them into your home. Kind gestures such as this, no matter how small, could change someones whole out look on the world.

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