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Roommate Leaves Hilarious Secret “Stache” When He Moved Out

Roommates tend to come and go. Sometimes they leave on good terms, other times they leave on bad terms. But sometimes when you find a really good roommate, it’s hard to see them go. It’s also hard for the roommate to leave, but that’s just how life goes. When this roommate moved out, we can only assume that he left on good terms. Lucky for everyone in the house, he apparently has a fantastic sense of humor! Enjoy.

Roommate Leaves Hilarious Secret "Stache" When He Moved Out

After the roommate moved out, the other roommates went in to check out the room and make sure it was move-in ready for the next person. There was an access door to a water valve on the wall. They didn’t think of checking this door until 5 months after the roommate moved out. For some reason, they decided to check this door and to their surprise, the roommate had left them something awesome!

Roommate Leaves Hilarious Secret "Stache" When He Moved Out

Hidden inside this access door was a mustache. There was also a note attached that said, “I guess you found my secret ‘stache!”

I wonder if they were bummed that this roommate moved out. It would be hard to find a replacement with this sense of humor. Considering some horror stories I’ve heard about roommates, finding this secret stache wasn’t all that bad!

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