Watch The 35 Second Mark As This Road Rager Gets An Instant Dose Of Karma

Oh glorious road rage. We have all had a moment or two of it, and probably witnessed a few incidents involving it as well. It can be a pretty scary thing. I watched a guy in a U-haul try to run a guy in a truck off an on-ramp just the other day. We all know the best thing to do is to not provoke someone with road rage, right? I’m not so sure filming them is the best idea. But I am pretty glad this one was caught on video, because it is hilarious! At the 35 second mark this guy got exactly what he deserved for acting like an idiot.

In all seriousness a few things to remember in cases of road rage are, do not engage, stay in your car, call police dispatch, and tell them everything you can about the car. You should realize that you can’t control another driver’s behavior, but you can control your own. When another driver cuts you off, how you react will determine what happens next. If you are able to back off, take a deep breath, and remain calm, then you can defuse a potentially violent situation. Or if you are like me, you will just yell things at them. Yes I know they can’t hear me, and I look like a fool, but it makes me feel better. And that’s what really matters, right?


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