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Irish Dance Flash Mob Surprise Train Station Commuters

Irish Dance Flash Mob Surprise Train Station Commuters

Usually getting to work, you are focused and determined to make it on time. Especially if you have to use some form of, usually awkward, public transportation to get there. On the subway it seems like everybody is in their own little world trying to get to their destination. Crowds of people rushing through the stations trying not to miss their next train. It’s near impossible to try to stop to enjoy the scenery or as some people say to stop and smell the flowers. Please tell me I am not alone in this frantic hustle to get to work on time. But, in a train station in Sydney, Australia passengers were surprised by this brave young boy who didn’t let the hundreds of people there stop him from what he was about to do, watch below to see what happens.

How awesome was that? With St. Patricks Day over, there is no more green beer, pinching, or corned beef, at least until next year. Unless you are Irish, that doesn’t stop you from celebrating your heritage, especially with a fun river dance flash mob.

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