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This Mountain Lion Was Freed After 20 Years In Captivity

This Mountain Lion Was Freed After 20 Years In Captivity

As a kid, I used to love going to the circus. There were so many things going on, clowns everywhere, vibrant colors, and music drifting through the air. Seeing the animals was always one of the highlights of my circus going experience. You could ride Elephants and see trained Tigers and Lions. Oh yeah, and there was cotton candy, which is one of the best things the human race has ever invented. As I grew older though, I started to hear the horror stories of these circus animals, and the abuse many of them would suffer on a daily basis. I started to rethink my enjoyment of the circus and the way things were being ran. Even when circus animals are given the care and attention they deserve, we are still taking animals out of their natural habitats and forcing them to perform for our enjoyment. That just doesn’t seem right to me now. That’s why when I hear a story about a circus animal being freed, it makes me smile. The video below shows a Mountain Lion named Mufasa. Mufasa has been in the captivity of a Peruvian circus for 20 years. Recently, he was able to be freed by an animal rights organization. This video shows his reaction to being freed, and also his first look at his natural habitat in the jungle. Check out this amazing video of a rescued circus mountain lion, and be prepared to have your heart-strings tugged.

This is truly an inspiring story of a second chance at life. Unfortunately, as with many things, this happy ending was marred by tragedy. Mufasa’s time in captivity irreparably damaged his health, and he was suffering from kidney failure. Mufasa died in late December of 2015, just a few short months after he was rescued from the circus. As tragic as it is, I am still glad he got to experience freedom for a little while before he departed from this Earth.

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