This Raccoon Will Wash Everything You Have

This Raccoon Will Wash Everything You Have

Raccoon’s are pretty quirky animals. And while they are kind of cute, I don’t know that I would ever want one for a pet. It’s a pretty big undertaking. And who would you get to watch it when you go on vacation? Are there raccoon sitters? They are illegal in many areas, and in other areas they are considered an exotic pet. If you are willing and want to take on one as a pet then get ready for a little mischief. Actually a lot of mischief. I am betting this family thought it was pretty cute when their pet raccoon decided to start washing things. I mean how adorable is that? Oh look honey, he is washing some dishes! Adorable right? Well maybe not. Take a look.

Would this raccoon be considered a clean freak? Maybe he or she just really wants everything to be squeaky clean and germ free. Is that so bad? I’m not sure what she was so upset about, I would love to have someone wash my shoes for me. Not so much my phone though. All joking aside, most raccoon owners will tell you that they love their little unique raccoon friends dearly. They are full of personality and give a lot of laughs. They are however, a lot of work. They like to do things like take and hide their owners belongings, knock holes in drywall, break things, play with wires, scratch, and apparently wash things. Well maybe the last part is just this raccoon. There are raccoon breeders. And some people end up owning raccoon’s because they are the product of animal rescues. However they end up coming into each others lives it seems like in most relationships it ends up being a bit of work. But they will tell you that it is worth it in the end.

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