Musicians Embarrass Man After He Refuses To Get Off Cell Phone During Performance

Musicians Embarrass Man After He Refuses To Get Off Cell Phone During Performance

Have you ever been eating lunch at an outdoor restaurant or possibly at a concert where someone is annoying every single person within a 15 foot radius by talking on their phone? How about when you’re at the grocery store or in line at a gas station and the person in front of you can’t seem to put down their phone for 2 minutes to make a transaction? In my opinion, this is just a prime example of bad manners which is becoming more and more prominent every single day. Is your life so important that you can’t set your phone down for just a few minutes to interact with someone politely or even take a second to enjoy the moment that your are in? There is a reason that we have a reminder before a movie starts in a theater to please silent your phones. How is it that people still need to be reminded of when to be polite to others around them? Sometimes I feel like walking up and grabbing the phone and throwing it as far as I can just to prove a point. STOP BEING A JERK! Well as much as I’d like to prove my point, let’s be honest, not many of us actually have the guts to deal with that or the aftermath that will ensue.

There was a concert going on in the middle of a square with a lot of people enjoying the show. The band was raging and everyone was really getting into the show. Everyone except for one guy. This guy in the corner would not get off his damn phone and it was starting to irritate everyone including the band. Well rather than stop the show to publicly scold this rude guy, the band decided to do something much much worse. They take his lack of manners and make it a public spectacle by embarrassing the crap out of him in front of everyone. Take a look at the video below of this public humiliation and give this band a round of applause!

This guy sure felt like a complete idiot after the band made a spectacle out of him. Public humiliation is almost always a great sight to see when it’s deserved. They were passionately performing for a crowd. They put their hearts and souls into their craft and were giving something for everyone to enjoy. One guy just couldn’t respect that and decided that his phone call was much more important. If it was so important, he should have stepped away from the performance. Instead he didn’t and was reprimanded in front of everyone. I’m glad the band decided to do something about his rude manners. Luckily there’s not much the guy on the phone could have done because they were in the middle of playing their instruments. I applaud your public mockery, street band! Keep shunning those with bad manners.

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